Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Report labels same-sex marriage activist as “Evangelical Christian” Real evangelical cut out of story. Liberal media strikes again!

If there was ever any doubt about the left wing leanings of the media this story blows them out of the water.

KGO, the ABC affiliate out of the San Francisco Bay Area interviewed yours truly for a story they were doing on Freddie Oakley, the Yolo County Clerk Recorder who plans on handing out “Certificates of Inequality” on Valentines Day to same-sex couples who come in and ask to be married.

The interesting part of this whole story is how they go out of their way to portray Mrs. Oakley as an “Evangelical Christian

And while they did include some of my comments in the article posted on their website. They left out all of my comments in the story they would run on the evening news.

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