Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Black Liberals excuse an attack by a White Liberal

Once again Black Liberals give a White Liberal a pass to attack a highly accomplished Black Woman. Yesterday on ABC's the View, White Left Wing Liberal Rosie O'donnell made the folloing statement about Dr. Condoleeza Rice in a discussion on women becoming President:

"I don’t think she could win, because I think she’s like that person on Scooby Doo who unzips themself and then it’s Dick Cheney’s evil twin brother is inside of her. That’s what I think.”

Click the title of this posting to see the video and read the transcript.

In usual fashion, no black liberal seemed offended that Black success was attacked by a white woman. I am continually outraged that too much of Black America is still mentally controlled by the descentants of Black Slave Masters. They are so mentally controlled that they accept the White Left Wing Liberal's identity of who a is "good negro" for us Blacks. This is the exact mentality that Carter G. Woodson warned against in his book, "The Mis Education of the Negro".

Mali D. Currington

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