Saturday, October 28, 2006

Morton Kondracke is an evil man

Morton Kondracke is an evil man for making the following statement about Maryland's Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele:

I think it’s a very effective ad. If Michael Steele were really so interested in having his sister cured, he would be in favor of all kinds of stem cell research.

This statement was made on the Hugh Hewitt Radio Talk Show. The discussion was about an ad in which Lt. Gov. Steele's sister, Dr. Monica Turner did for her brother in response to the fraudulent ad done by Michael J. Fox. Dr. Turner is a Pediatrician and also has MS.

Kondracke believes that if we are not concieving enbryos for the sole purpose of murdering them for their stem cells the we cannot love our loved ones as much as he loved his wife Millie who died of Parkinson's. Until Morton's idiot statement, I actually had compassion for his loss. I now beleive that I had compassion for an evil and bitter man who is hell-bent on destroying whatever life is necessary to achieve his goals. I wouldn't be supprised if Morton endorsed an embrionic gulag for stem cell harvesting,

Morton also serves on the Michael J. Fox foundation, so I am not supprised that hwo would be so defensive of michael's deceit in those "pro-cloning disguised as stem cell research" political ads.

Maryland's Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele Loves his sister Dr. Monica Turner more than mort loved millie because Lt. Gov. Steele is focused on looking for ways to cure MS for his sister without trying to murder clone and murder other humans in the process. Having "ripe" stem cells, like being black, should not be another vise of mort and his left-wing liberal cohorts to destroy human life in the name of being "progressive".

Mali D. Currington


The Brown Hornet said...

Monica Turner is a friend of mine, but she's just supporting her brother on this one. I'm a doctor too, and I know that Monica doesn't personally share her brother's views. She just doesn't want him to take a hit lying down. But unfortunately, he's going to take a hit on this regardless. You don't have to "kill clones" to do stem-cell research, and you certainly don't have to destroy embryos either, if the procedure is done carefully. Your argument is absurd, and has nothing to do with keeping the black people down. It's not that hard to educate yourself on the science, so you ought to learn some more about it before spouting off your nonsense. And why exactly are you hating on the left-wing? The left wing (whatever the color) has done more for the black people and the minority races in the USA than all the rest of everybody else put together, including most black people themselves! Don't be all hateful now, after the right-wing NON-progressives have tried for over 5 centuries to bury the talents and skills of the black race. Now that ol' George is pandering to try and win some black votes and winning over some with social issues like "hating gays" and "stopping abortion" instead of focusing some time and energy on "getting health care to the inner city" and "setting examples of good life instead of just gettin' rich" don't tell me the right-wing is where blacks should put their trust. That's weak. The right wing is about getting rich. Are you rich? Good. Who are you helping? How much time do you spend caring about other people? And by the way, why does the right wing think it's OK to kill adults, whether it's in a war, or by torturing them, or to cause kids to die because they can't get to a doctor, but some cells in a test tube just HAVE to be saved? Whose saving the souls of those kids who die because they can't get antibiotics? You? Lame. Disgrace to the coloured races.

Anonymous said...

Mort is merely wishy-washy and weak. Drives me nuts. But I don't see him as evil.

Nice blog. I may put it in my list. Good man, Steele. Wish the idiots in the RNC had picked him.