Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Ranks Of The NUTs Keeps Growing

I had thought that the Robert Byrd story would have been old news by now, but today I was amazed to see his defenders, among black folks, come out of the wood work. Some of these should know better. It made me wonder if the ranks of the N.U.T.s (New Uncle Toms) is growing or if people are just going nuts as in losing their minds.

I posted my blog of yesterday on a chat list that I participate in and was sent a copy of an article by Earl Ofari Hutchinson. http://www.thehutchinsonreport.com/index.html

In this article Hutchinson goes far beyond where USA Today, The Washington Post & even the NY Times went in their discussion of Robert Byrd's book. I have to say that I am left baffled by Hutchinson's article and not sure if he is a NUT or just a nut.

Here are just a few things Earl has to say on Robert Byrd's past:
"He's admitted it often, Byrd has come clean and apologized for that sordid episode in his past and he called his night ride with the Klan a foolish move that haunted him for decades."

Poor Robert Byrd. Earl apparently feels sorry for the poor man's having to have suffered.
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