Wednesday, August 13, 2008

White Senator Cusses at Black Pastor over Global Warming and gets a pass

The following YouTube video is of California State Senator Pat Wiggins (Democrat of Santa Rosa) cussing out Pastor Robert Jones of Oak Park United Methodist Church in Sacramento! Pastor Jones had the nerve to express concern of the negative impact of Global Warming on the poor and minorities (The comment is heard in about 1 minute and 45 seconds into the video clip)...

Rather than criticize and threaten a censure of Democrat Senator Wiggins, The chairperson, Senator Christine Kehoe (Democrat of San Diego) tried to give her political cover by trying to find common ground with Pastor Jones on "the right to an opinion". Pastor Jones was there to state his opinion for inclusion on the issue, not to be a target of profanity by a member of the committee! Unfortunately, she would not be treated as harshly by her colleagues or even the media simply because she is a "Left-Wing Liberal" Democrat.

This is the very reason why I use the phrase "Left-Wing Liberal" to describe these people. Senator Pat Wiggins is descriptive of their intolerance for opposing points of view. Left-Wing Liberals intend to use the global warming myth to make gaining more financial, social, and academic control by the government over our daily living much easier than before.

This reminds me of the time when former California Lieutenent Governor Cruz Bustumante called a group of Blacks "niggers" in a speech he gave before them while still serving as California Lieutenent Governor. There is no known youtube video clip. Like Bustamante, Wiggins will not be protested out of office, not be forced to have sensitivity training, or have the wrath of Black Left Wing Liberals declaring their withdrawal of support of her or the Democrat Party. Pastor Jones needs support and here is another probable missed opportunity to publicly show support for the aggrieved when Democrat racism and vulgarity raises its ugly head.