Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Michelle Pushed Left Wing Liberalism like Weight...

As I listened to Michelle Obama Monday night, I couldn't help but remember a tune by one of my favorite Rap artists, Ice Cube, called "Pushing Rhymes like Weight". In the tune Ice Cube describes his ability to "push" (sell) Rap albums (rhymes) like illegal drugs (weight) with the same kind of acceptance.

Michelle, like that dope dealer, is doing nothing but pushing Left-Wing Liberalism like weight to vulnerable Americans who are looking for any physiological reason to escape their currently depraved circumstances.

A dope dealer tries to entice people to consume the "weight" she/he pushes on them. Michelle tried to entice Americans to accept government's control and eventual leading to a "less than stellar" career path that would depend on government increases in the minimum wage in order to get any kind of a cost of living adjustment (aka weight). A dope dealer does not smoke the dope they want to sell to other people. Michelle nor her husband considered the Left Wing Liberalism approach for themselves.

Michelle Obama grew described in detail how she and her brother grew up in a very conservative household. Her mother stayed home and her father worked. She adored her father. He was her foundation. It was the support of her parents; not the local, state or federal government; who ensured their eventually entering and graduating from Princeton University and Harvard Law School.

However, Michelle "got up there" on that DNC podium and recited mantras which would have never been allowed to even be recited, much less believed, in her household as avenues to success in the United States of America. There is no known talk of abortion, much less premarital sex. There is no known acceptance of anything other than one man and one woman in matrimony. There is no known acceptance of subsistence on welfare. There is no known understanding that her family "browbeat the rich" of finance in order that the Robinson family could earn a living.

Michelle never mentioned how all americans could follow her footsteps to success. Instead she hammered an alternative path. One that she would never considered for herself, for B. Hussein Obama, nor for her children. One that is as far Left Wing Liberal as one can be - government Control, direction, and guidance.

Michelle's parents stayed together and cared for their children. In Michelle's house, her father was the foundation, not the government's welfare programs. In Michelle's house, her mother was the caregiver and nurturer, not the government's latch-key programs. In Michelle's house, her parents motivated her and her brother to be excellent. They would have never allowed them to be out playing government encouraged midnight Basketball.

Michelle and Obama remind me of "typical" blacks who become successful but do not share their pathway to success with other Blacks. Instead they "throw a dodge" to inquirers in an attempt to appeal to their fears of self motivated success (i.e. pull yourself by your own bootstraps) as opposed to replicating the Robinson household path to parental inspired, self motivated success.

This is why I have such contempt for B. Hussein Obama. He and his wife should be heralding from the rooftops, how to joust failure of its grip by using his and her life's efforts as an example. The government was not in control when B. Hussein Obama attended Honolulu, Hawaii's prestigious Punahou School, an elite private K-12 school where tuition now tops $16,000 a year. The government did not control B. Hussein Obama's path to the equally prestigious Occidental College, Columbia University, nor finally Harvard Law School.

We should never accept anything less than the best for ourselves and the best that B. Hussein Obama and Michelle would have had for themselves. Michelle and her husband should be ashamed for "selling" the "weight" of Left Wing Liberalism to America as a replacement for hard work and dedication.

Mali D. Currington