Wednesday, April 02, 2008

To Rev. Al Sharpton: In Defense of the Dunbar Village 4

April 1, 2008

Dear Rev. Al Sharpton:

I am writing this letter to commend you on your courage. Some say you are not qualified to lead an army of worker ants, but I know the truth. You can lead even less than that.

You went to Florida to defend the “Dunbar Village 4.” You were so right to do that. They were victims of racism. All black criminals are victims of racism. The white man makes them do the things they do. The white concepts of “integrity” and “personal responsibility” are absolutely appalling. Whites want us to embrace those ridiculous concepts so they can hold us down. Black people should have nothing to do with it. The DV4 sure did not have any! Good for them! Now the entire world through the media is getting the impression that black people in America are more willing to defend their own criminals rather than the criminal’s “victims,” who are “law-abiding citizens.” Thanks to you, the world will be convinced of that. What a black leader you are!

So what if the DV4 and six other Black young men, which some call “thugs,” broke into that woman’s house at gunpoint. So what if they made her get naked and raped and tortured her for 3 hours. So what if they forced her pre-teen son get naked too and perform sexual acts on his mother. So what if the son got a plate broken over his head.. So what if that is something that he has to live with the rest of his life. So what if they poured chemicals in his eyes. So what if they had to walk to the nearest emergency room. They probably deserved all that punishment. They don’t matter anyway. After all, they are only black, Haitian even. That makes them not black enough.

When that incident happened, you did well to ignore it completely. Why? Because white folks were not involved. What’s use of being a black leader if you can’t play “Pin the Tail on the White Man”? No white men raped and tortured that woman. That’s no tragedy. Who cares if black folks commit crimes against other black folks. We are supposed to keep our mouths shut. You did well to run to the defense of Tawana Brawley. If black men raped that poor, upstanding and completely honest young black woman, it would have been a complete waste of your valuable time to get involved. (She and her mother did well to run, I mean leave town and take that defense fund money donated to them, over $100,000, with them.) Even the organization that fights for black criminals' rights, the NAACP, told “black activist” Gina McCauley, who cannot keep her nose out of other people’s business, that if that black woman and child were attacked by whites, then they would have gotten involved last summer when it happened. But since black young men did it to her and not whites, they did not think it was a tragedy at all. They declined to get involved. If white folks are not involved, it's just not worth protesting.

Black leaders like you have never worried about “integrity.”

Some narrow minded people would say, “Shame on you, Rev. Sharpton for defending black thug criminals and saying they are victims. You need to retire, and quit claiming the black leadership mantle.” Some people would say that you “play the race card like a rock star,” but I know better. You are a master of playing period! And you have proven that time after time. You have never disappointed me.

Keep being an example of black leadership in America so that the world can see.

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