Saturday, April 05, 2008

Star Parker is Right

In her, latest commentary that you can access by clicking the above link, Star Parker ( says:

"Single-parent homes, drugs, promiscuity, abortion and sexually transmitted diseases, high school dropouts and the poverty that comes with all this are not caused by "Washington dominated by lobbyists and special interests." Nor do they have anything to do with what color or sex our president happens to be. They reflect personal decisions and can only be addressed through personal conviction and resolve.

'The Israelites were also warned about false prophets. In today's terminology, I'd call this anyone, be it politician or clergyman, who suggests that anyone but you can solve your own problems.

"The greatest tribute every American, black or white, can pay to Dr. King today is to embrace the traditional values and truths critical to live the free life that his work helped make possible."

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