Sunday, September 16, 2007

Alan Greenspan's Shortsightedness

Former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman (seen above with his Left Wing Liberal Wife journalist Andrea Mitchell) seems to want to launch a Left Wing liberal attack on President Bush. In Greenspan's new book "The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World".

Greenspan opines, "I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil..."

Now if Greenspan, a life long Republican, felt so motivated to making a potentially explosively remark, he should have informed his readers that every major war and conflict was based on the control and distribution of oil. note the following:

  • The U.S. entry in World War I was because former Democrat Woodrow Wilson in 1917 on the side of the Entante Powers (Russia, France, Britain, and Italy) arguing that "The world must be made safe for democracy." In reality Wilson was in full support of the Britain's control of oil (especially Mexican oil).
  • The U.S. entry in World War II was because former Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt wanted to support the British and the French in opposing Japan, Germany, and Italy's pursuit of oil.
  • The Korean War of the 1950's was started by former Democrat President Harry Truman's insistence that the oil rich Korean peninsula had to be governed by a U.S.-Soviet Joint Commission. The Korean's protested and organized violent efforts to replace the Commission. what resulted was the south being armed by the U.S. and Britain against the North which was armed and financed by the Chinese and the Soviets.
  • The Vietnam War was started when former Democrat President John F. Kennedy decided to protect France's oil interest in Vietnam. France was given that territory as the spoils of World War I.
  • The 8 year war between Iraq and Iran began because former Democrat President President Jimmy Carter decided to no longer back the Shaw of Iran against the Muslim extremists who joined the communist forces in Iran. That pull back in power allowed for Muslim extremists to take power in Iran and instigate a war against Iraq. Furthermore, it became the basis for both Gulf War I and Gulf War II.
  • The U.S. entered the War in the Balkans under former Democrat President bill Clinton, was started over the control of oil out of the former Yugoslav republics. In 1995, Clinton stated that our "peace keeping force will be in the Balkans for only one year. 12 years later, we still have 6900 troops there at a cost of about $7 Billion to the U.S. Treasury.
Greenspan has lived long enough (81 years in fact) and has been exposed to enough facts and events as a member and Chairman of the most powerful central bank in the history of the world NOT to make such foolish, one sided comments.

Greenspan falls in the long list of RINO's who feel compelled to give undeserved appreciation to former President Bill Clinton while finding ways to be critical of President Bush and fellow Republicans. I would also suppose that his wife Andrea Mitchell had alot to do with that.

According to those who have advance copies of the Republican hit piece, there is no mention of the failures of the Clinton Administration that led to the Attacks on 9/11. There is no mention of how the Clinton Administration decimated the net worth of the Black Family by 1) only expanding opportunities for subsidized housing and health care, 2) incurring that the largest tax increases at the time that created the heaviest financial burden on the average Black middle class family, 3) increased the minimum wage which disproportionately reduces opportunities for that average teenage black person to begin employment and avoid gangs violence and drugs, and 4) advanced policies that increased the illegal alien population disproportionately in the Black community thereby harming opportunities in the black community for employment and building of black wealth by forcing Blacks to compete with cheap, illegal labor.

More than ever, we conservative Republicans are faced with the sad reality that it is us against everyone to our left. We must continue to fight and anger Left Wing Liberals. Arrest their senses with our passion and desire to destroy socialism. I only wish that we Republicans could do a better job at weeding out these spineless Republicans overwhelm all those who dangerously find comfort among Left Wing Liberals. Greenspan, you got away!!

Mali D. Currington

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