Friday, June 29, 2007

Republicans will not lose support from Latinos

Why is it that RINOS and Left-Wing Liberals were saying that Republicans are going to lose the Latino vote because we conservatives didn't like the Illegal Alien Immigration/Amnesty Bill? Inherent in their diatribe is this condescension that Latinos in the U.S. are pro excusing illegal behavior and the national government must coddle that position.

This Bill was simply an attempt to immunize those who have violated federal law (i.e. members of the business community, local & state jurisdictions, Democrats, and of course illegal aliens - NOT ALL LATINOS). RHINOS and Left-Wing Liberals are right about one thing - this was the best opportunity for the members of the business community, local & state jurisdictions, Democrats, and of course illegal aliens to get their legal immunization. The following have blown this issue to at least 2012...
  1. The oncoming 2008 Presidential election
  2. The possibility that a Democrat will be elected President thereby removing any leverage that a President could have with the Republican Minority
  3. The possibility that if a Republican is elected in 2008 that person would be too afraid to offend those who voted for him to support any other Illegal Alien Immigration/Amnesty Bill
  4. The Possibility that Republicans regain a majority in either or both houses of Congress.
  5. Any combination of the above
  6. The anguish among proponents of the Illegal Alien Immigration/Amnesty Bill was about defining the best opportunity for them and their financial backers to "evade" legal responsibility for enabling and participating in illegal behavior.
No matter what names the RINOS and Left-Wing Liberals call us, we must remain vigilant and diligent. Doing what was right is the legacy of the Republican Party. RINOS and Left-Wing Liberals fashioned the compromise that ended Reconstruction. The end of Reconstruction is known to be the end of Black power in the south and allowed for the Democrat rise of Jim Crow.

Mali D. Currington

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Francis L. Holland Blog said...

How much do they pay you to write this crap? Do you get good health benefits when you work for the Republican National Committee? Can you get me Dick Cheney's autograph for my "Autographs of Tyrants" collection?

As for what you said about Serena Williams over at my blog:

I've worked in the state houses and put on conferences in which our Congresspeople were in attendance. I've traveled to Washington, DC, driving a van load of people to lobby Congresspeople in their Congressional offices. I've organized buses of students and stumped for Jesse Jackson in New Hampshire. I've helped to elect the first Black people to my city council and school committee.

After all of that experience in politics, I'll tell you one thing that I've learned: "It's time to end the 43-term white male monopoly of the presidency!" That's not all I've learned but it's fundamental to my understanding of where we need to be going as a people, to the extent that we participate in the rancid electoral system at all.

Now, I know that you may still be better connected in Washington than I am because, after all, your party holds the presidency and the US Supreme Court. Since you spout anti-Black nonsense everyday, I'm sure the door is always open to your in the halls of the Republican National Committee. But I wouldn't trade my connections for yours in a million years. You've got your Republican connections, but at least I've still got my dignity.