Tuesday, April 10, 2007

No Apology and No Firing Required...

Don Imus' "nappy headed ho's" comment was racist and insensitive, but it was not worth firing nor even suspending him. I was sitting here wondering why so many Left-Wing Liberals were attacking this registered Democrat so viciously. About 10 minutes of research uncovered some "still open wounds" that Imus caused against Left-Wing Liberals...
Imus and his crew, Charles McCord and Bernard McGuirk, are frequently accused of racism, misogyny, and homophobia. Imus referred to sports columnist Bill Rhoden as a "New York Times quota hire" and PBS anchor Gwen Ifill as a "cleaning lady".[5] Imus has repeatedly referred to Arabs as "ragheads."[6] He has berated many female newsreaders, most recently Contessa Brewer, which caused her to leave the show. After she left the show, Imus went on a tirade, saying, “With that fat ass she’s got, she wouldn’t be one of ‘em,” (a beautiful woman). Imus said on the air, "That skank has to spend three hours with makeup in the morning." The tirade was also tied to comments that were overheard of Contessa's calling Imus “a cantankerous old fool” at a dinner in a restaurant in 2005, when she was still newsreader.

Even topping those comments were the following...
On the May 24 edition of MSNBC's Imus in the Morning, host Don Imus referred to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) as "Satan" 11 times, once calling her "that buck-tooted witch, Satan." During an interview with NBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell, Imus even claimed that Clinton was "worse than" Osama bin Laden, but then partially retracted his statement, saying: "Well, that's a little strong." During the same interview, Imus called former Vice President Al Gore "the phoniest bastard on the planet," adding that Gore is "a horrid human being."
Although Don Imus is a registered Democrat, He offended the Left-Wing Liberal establishment and that is why he is being attacked so angrily by Left-Wing Liberals. Notice that He is not being "raked over the coals" for despicable comments he made about conservatives. Black Left-Wing Liberals such as Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are not angered over comments and artist renderings made about Black conservatives such as Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice.

I have little regard for Don Imus. I do not watch his show nor do I listen to his radio station. However, I am not willing to join Left-Wing Liberal Hypocrites in protecting their reputation while ignoring mine as a conservative. Don Imus does not need to apologize to me and he does not need to be fired!!

Mali D. Currington

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