Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Fringe Left" Helps Embolden Mainstream Media

The crowd, or the fringe left as they are sometimes called, is gaining more and more influence since Ned Lamont's upset victory over Senator Joseph Lieberman. After a string of successive losses for candidates they financially supported, Ned Lamont's upset victory has validated their grassroots vigilance. Both anti-war and anti-Bush, has successfully tapped into a vocal, internet savvy, Democratic minority who are taking the party away from the center.

The organization's victory has also emboldened the mainstream media to further jump on the anti-war band wagon by airing the docu-drama "Path to 911" which is critical of the Clinton administration. Hillary Clinton supported the Iraq war, and when pressed, has not retracted from that vote. Many believe Senator Clinton can win the Democratic Party's nomination but fear she will have difficulty winning the general election. This was suggested last year by Democratic pundit Joe Klien of Time magazine:Read more...

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