Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Anti-Black Racism by Left-Wing Liberals

I have intentionally avoided listening to any coverage about Mel Gibson's drunken tiraid against Jews. The reason is that while the western press was so angered about Gibson's comments, almost no one in that same press seems to give a damn about the blatant anti-black racism produced by Left-Wing Liberals in the U.S. and Arab Press:

Palestinian Media Watch found this racist picture that was published by the Palestinian Authority Daily.
Hat Tip: Palestinian Media Watch

The Huffington Post ( an extreme Left-Wing Liberal Oil Baron Blogger) published this racist picture.
Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin

To date, Blacks who always seem to want to have marches and protests demanding retribution for these dipictions cannot be found. Where is Jesse and Al screaming "No Justice, No Peace!".

I formally condemn these dipictions and the provocateurs who originally produced and published them. I demand that the provocateurs be publically ridiculed and beg for forgiveness in the same way that both U.S. Senator Trent Lott and Mel Gibson have done.

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