Saturday, June 24, 2006

Homosexuality is no(longer) sin?

Jefferts Schori, bishop of the Diocese of Nevada, was elected on Sunday as the first woman leader of the 2.3 million-member Episcopal Church. the U.S. branch of the worldwide Anglican Communion. She will formally take office later this year.
Interviewed on CNN, Jefferts Schori was asked if it was a sin to be homosexual. "I don't believe so. I believe that God creates us with different gifts. Each one of us comes into this world with a different collection of things that challenge us and things that give us joy and allow us to bless the world around us," she said.How is this woman able to say that!! How was she able to simply disregard what the Bible says about Homosexuality? It is simple, U.S. Episcopal Church is not governed by God, it is fonded and governed by the British Monarchy – Man!
Why did she say this…This woman is no dummy. She is now pion. In the same article, Reuters reports:
Jefferts Schori, who was raised a Roman Catholic and graduated in marine biology with a doctorate specialization in squids and oysters, supported the consecration of Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, the first openly gay bishop in more than 450 years of Anglican history. The 52-year-old bishop is married to Richard Schori, a retired theoretical mathematician. They have one daughter, Katharine Johanna, 24, a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force and a pilot like her mother.
So why did Bishop Schori say that? Does she really believe what she said? Reuters again reports how she rationalizes her position:
The Bible was written in a very different historical context by people asking different questions. "The Bible has a great deal to teach us about how to live as human beings. The Bible does not have so much to teach us about what sorts of food to eat, what sorts of clothes to wear -- there are rules in the Bible about those that we don't observe today," she said. "The Bible tells us about how to treat other human beings, and that's certainly the great message of Jesus - to include the unincluded."
Now before we begin to lose our senses in seething rage, let’s look at what she knows very well – the structure how her church. The U.S. Episcopal Church is a member of the Worldwide Anglican Communion. The head organization (aka mother Church) of the Worldwide Anglican Communion is the Church of England.

The Church of England is headed by the Archbishop of Canterbury (aka Primate of All England - chief religious figure in the Church of England). The office of Archbishop of Canterbury is filled by an appointment by the Prime Minister of England (the head of the national Government) and consent by Supreme Governor of the Church (the British Monarchy). So essentially the civil government is empowered to select the “pastor” and determine the ultimate direction of the entire 76 million member organization.

The current Archbishop is the Most Reverend and Right Honorable Dr Rowan Douglas Williams. Archbishop Douglass was appointed in 2003 by the current Prime Minister, Tony Blair and ratified by the current British Monarchy headed by the current Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II (who consulted heavily with the morally upright Prince Charles).

Another note. The current governing party in England is socialist. Socialism, like Communism, Fascism, and Despotism all share the same view that they, not the Bible, decides what is or is not a sin (Genesis 3:22).

So when Bishop Schori stated that Homosexuality is not a sin, she was merely exorcising her authority in her new role in the Worldwide Anglican Communion to overturn both church doctrine and Scripture.

Mali D. Currington

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