Friday, May 19, 2006

Ray Ray

I can't say that New Orlean's Mayor Ray Nagin is starting to use the race card. He's been using it faithfully since the beginning of the Katrina disaster to explain his total ineptness. While vacationing in Jamaica with his family - two months after the flooding- he said this about the slow government response."I think that if this (New Orleans) was Orange County, California or South Beach in Miami, I do think the response would have been different. I think it's a combination of racial issues and a combination of class." Now that he is trailing in the mayoral polls, he going to the card once again, upping the rhetoric. "This election will say in spite of American prejudice, I was able to attract votes from all races and classes and move forward with the process of healing." Ray, how do you plan to attract votes from "all races and classes" while promising that New Orleans will be a "chocolate city"again? Read More...

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