Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bill Cosby Still Speaking Out

Thank God Bill Cosby has decided to ignore his head in the sand critics and is still speaking out on the chronic problems facing the African American community. Cosby recently took his message to probably one of the most receptive audiences he will find within our community. Cosby gave the commencement address to the 2006 graduating class of Spellman College. Spellman is one of the oldest historically black colleges in the country, and it happens to be all female. Sadly, a majority of African American males of college age are in prison or the justice system, either through parole or probation. Cosby remarked that "Men as young boys are dropping out of high school, but they can memorize lyrics of very difficult rap songs and know how to braid each other's hair". This proves these children can learn. Unfortunately in too many cases, parental involvement in the child's education is lacking, leaving these children to repeat the cycle of generational poverty. Read More...

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