Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Snow In The White House

President Bush made an excellent choice today by choosing Fox News personality Tony Snow as his new press secretary. Snow will bring straightforwardness and humor to a job that can sometimes be rather thankless and not to mention extremely stressful. Scott McClellan served the President loyally both in Texas and in Washington, but it was clearly time for him to go. Watching his daily press briefings was like having a root canal without anethesia. It was clear to me that he was no longer in control of the briefings; the press was. McClellan too often looked and sounded agitated at the podium. This is the equivalent to blood in the water for the sharks of the media. The beginning of the end was when NBC New's reporter David Gregory embarrassed him by calling him a jerk on live television. There is no way you can be effective in that job if the press corps doesn't fear you or at least respect you. Gregory should have received the Helen Thomas treatment of having his questions ignored. Now that Snow is the President's spokesman, it will be interesting to see him defend policies he previously disagreed with and these unflattering statements.

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