Saturday, April 01, 2006

Rift Between Black Conservatives?

I am beginning to sense a dangerous rift between the two camps in the burgeoning black conservative movement. One side is the 100% converted. They are supremely loyal (almost to a fault) supporting actions and policies of the administration and party that are sometimes hard to defend. I mean this, not as an indictment of the vigor of their beliefs, but only to demonstrate their passion. The other side is newly minted into the black conservative movement. Their shift of political ideology is based on the realization that the Democratic Party, no longer represent their economic interests or beliefs. They were not convinced by black, parrot political organizations and publications citing 100 year old Republican history as if it were new. With 80% of Black America solidly in the middle class, issues of taxes, families, retirement and security, looms larger in their lives than seeking racism at every turn in society. On the issues named above, the two camps are mostly in agreement. The rift is occurring over contentious social issues like affirmative action and abortion. The 100% converted camp questions the other camps' "conservativeness" because they are in favor of affirmative action and "allowing a woman the "right to choose." This behavior by the 100% camp is shortsighted, foolish, and in fact, quite hypocritical.

As I wrote earlier, the two camps agree more than they disagree. Isn't it better to grow the movement than discourage new members? Power is in numbers. Numbers naturally creates strength in appearance but it significantly increases fundraising success by requiring smaller amounts from a larger donor pool. In order to grow the movement beyond the 100% converted and the new, more moderate converted, the unconverted masses will have to see candidates and elected officials who look like them. It is unthinkable to me that a black person wouldn't support another black person, simply because he only agreed with him 80% of the time instead of 100% of the time. This is the mentality I am witnessing while reading other blogs and logging into black conservative chat rooms. We must look at the big picture.

I say hypocritical because the 100% camp is quick to point out the appointments of Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice to the Secretary of State Office. They tout their "pull themselves up from their bootstrap" stories as evidence of the power of conservative values. Yet, if either one was running for Congress without their fame, the 100% crowd would haggle over their views on affirmative action and abortion. I don't believe it is asking you to subvert your values to support candidates who don't agree 100% with you. Again, we must look at the big picture.

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Eddie Huff said...


The problem is that is the 100% converted compromise then what have you? You have kinda Republicans. It was like in 1858 when, althought the GOp was founded 2 years earlier solely to abolish salvery and 7 of the 9 platform planks were anti-slavery planks, some wanted to compromise that stance. Why should the Party that stands for the right of the unborn, sanctity of marriage, and freedom of execise of faith compromise. As Jesus said either you are for me or against me. you cannot be "kinda" for me.