Thursday, March 23, 2006

Open Mouth, Insert Microphone

Poor KTRS, they can't seem to catch a break! Last year they upset fifty plus years of tradition and legions of regional baseball fans by out bidding KMOX for the broadcast rights to the St. Louis Cardinal games. KMOX's fifty thousand watt signal had carried the games to three generations of Cardinal fans from Arkansas to Texas to Illinois. KTRS, which is now majority owned by the ballclub in a deal consummated last year, does not have as strong a signal at night as KMOX. This left many fans fearful that they wouldn't be able to listen to their favorite team. Then in December,(two weeks before Christmas) management fired the entire locally based, on air talent and then replaced them with new talent from stations around the country. Naturally, ratings have slipped badly. This leads us to KTRS latest misfortune.

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