Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My Synopsis of Army Specialist Casey Sheehan's Family

Casey Sheehan VOLUNTEERED to serve in the Army. Casey Sheehan knew when he VOLUNTARILY REENLISTED what the dangers of his CHOSEN profession were. Casey Sheehan's mother meets with President Bush and praises the President for his honesty, sensitivity and sincerity of his prosecuting the war on terrorism "in Iraq" even though she had misgivings about the war. Casey Sheehan's mother later lies about the facts of her meeting with President Bush so as to gain a support base composed of Left-Wing Liberals who Hate President Bush.

Casey Sheehan's mother has lost the support of her family and her husband Patrick Sheehan filed a divorce petition on this past Friday in Solano County California.
Casey Sheehan's mother deserves no serious attention from President Bush. I was bothered when President Bush even mentioned her during a press conference on his ranch. Casey Sheehan's mother has decided to align herself politically with Left-Wing Liberals who hate President Bush. These "Bush Haters" are the same losers who have lost every single election cycle since 1994. Their anti-war rhetoric hasn't worked with all of their legions of mental slaves and their millions of dollars. Casey Sheehan's mother will certainly not be more successful than they were. Casey Sheehan's mother is only deserving of the same public criticism as those with whom she depends on for aid and comfort. Casey Sheehan's mother deserves to be ignored by any person with whom she wants to convince of her plight. Casey Sheehan's mother "Has no Plight."

Army Specialist Casey Sheehan is a hero. He should be hailed as such along with all servicemen for their willingness to make their bodies a living sacrifice for the protection of the freedom and liberty we United States Citizens enjoy today.

I am saddened to know that Casey Sheehan's mother is so mentally handicapped by the successful Left-Wing Liberal takeover of her emotions. Casey Sheehan's mother is currently engaged in a meaningless anti-war rant outside President Bush's ranch in Crawford Texas. The presence of Casey Sheehan's mother has no effect on public policy. The presence of Casey Sheehan's mother only gives another outlet to Left-Wing Liberals who want to continue to try and attack and embarrass President Bush.

Casey Sheehan's mother was recently quoted as saying that she will NOT pay her taxes for 2004. She beleives that her son's death should satisfy the IRS debt. It has also been learned that Casey Sheehan's mother tried to convince Casey to allow her to drive him north of tthe U.S. border to Canada. Both of these acts are felonies under U.S. federal law. I wonder if she will EVER be prosecuted. If she is not, there will be a backlash against the Republican Majority rarely seen in Politics.

Mali D. Currington

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