Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Can We Get Some Journalists Here?

Have you, like me, been watching the daily white House press briefings this week wondering if I am watching grown reporters or a kindergarten class? Watching ABC's Terry Moran, NBC's David Gregory, CBS's John Roberts and others is like watching a group of kindergartners throw tantrums just before nap time.

First of all, this entire group is either ignorant of facts, or purposely ignoring facts. Either way the questions they are asking completely miss and ignore facts. Secondly, they act like they do not hear what is being said. I see the picture of the girl on Mad TV with her fingers in her ears going "la, la, la,la,la,la,la," while someone is trying to tell her something. In other words, they are saying, "we refuse to hear a word you are saying we just want our way."

I think that one way or another, good news is on the way. The American public sees this display of childish behavior, and is repulsed. Before long the various journalistic associations will have to offer a public apology to Jayson Blair. The journalistic practices of many of those who continue to be called reporters today is far below the standard set by even Blair.

As ratings for network television and readership of the mainstream print news continues to dwindle, while a counter revolution of new journalistic sources rises, these people will find themselves along side Dan Rather and Bill Maher, scratching their heads and wondering what happened. News happened people, and you missed it.

Bring us some grown ups, bring us some journalists.

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