Thursday, June 30, 2005

Reaping What They Have Sown

They are quaking in their boots at the DNC right now. Why?

A recent poll of likey voters shows Democrats the big losers. While GOP support has taken a bit of a dip, with 43% of likley voters having a favorable opinion of Republicans, only 38% of likley voters have a favorable opinion of Democrats.

By the way just in case there are those who feel that this is a spiked poll, taken by Republican or conservative polsters, this poll was taken by the Democratic Party themselves. Could this be a case of the Democrats reaping what they have sown? With all of the anti-American- yes, I said it anti-American, rhetoric it is wonder that there is still that much support left. The Party has been taken hostage by their progressive wing, which seems bent on attacking any and everything positive about America just to get at a President they loathe. cont......

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