Friday, June 17, 2005

The New Underground Railroad Named "Democracy Website of the Week" in it's first Week of Existance!

Not even a Week old, and The New Underground Railroad is already making waves. This week Booker Rising named this site as thier "Website of the Week"

Democracy Website of the Week: The New Underground Railroad
Almost every week, a new blog or website by a black conservative, moderate, or libertarian comes to our attention. Created earlier this week, The New Underground Railroad belongs in the first group. In what will surely create commentary, the blog's tagline is "Leading Blacks to freedom from the bondage of psychological slavery." And judging from the posts so far, from the 'plantation' of liberalism as well. A list of black conservative Republican websites are listed as 'important stops'. Other websites (including Booker Rising) are listed as 'additional safe houses'. Craig DeLuz, the blogmaster, writes: "This site will be dedicated to dispelling the Myth that Blacks are incapable of being success without government programs. It will expose the Democrat Party’s legacy of bigotry and hatred. Furthermore, we will share the rich history that Black Americans have had with the Republican Party." While over the top, we like the blog's conceptual theme and it has potential.

Ok, we can be a little over the top. But it makes a point!

Just keep reading. We promise you will be both entertained and informed.

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