Monday, June 13, 2005

All Aboard!!!!

The New Underground Railroad is the result of numerous conversations that have taken place with Black leaders from across the country. However, one individual in particular is most responsible for the creation of this blog. Mason Weaver, Author of “It’s Ok To Leave The Plantation” has traveled the country with the idea of creating a “New Underground Railroad” to free Blacks from the bondage of psychological slavery.

This site will be dedicated to dispelling the Myth that Blacks are incapable of being success without government programs. It will expose the Democrat Party’s legacy of bigotry and hatred. Furthermore, we will share the rich history that Black Americans have had with the Republican Party.

It is our desire that we attract likeminded Black conservative thinkers from across the nation to contribute to the discussion. This is not a site for those who wish to remain in bondage. This is a “Safe House” for those seeking freedom from the political and social policies that are destroying this country and have kept our people trapped in the cycle of poverty, addicted to social welfare programs, destined for incarceration, and deprived of the rights granted to us by our creator.

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