Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Canadian Terroist

With news of the terrorist arrest in Canada the debate over border security is back in the news. Some are ridiculing the American attempt to secure its southern border by pointing to the problems on our northern border. After all, the terrorists were in Canada, not Mexico, and had ties to Americans in Georgia. Apparently there were training camps, purchasing of bomb-making materials, and movements back and forth across our border. The detractors claim we are spending too much time and effort harassing the peaceful people of Mexico looking for work Americans will not do, and should be focusing on the open border with Canada.
I am grateful that these 17 men were not the brightest bulbs in the box. Buying three tons of fertilizer, training on farmlands, leaving trails in the snow, then seeing the helicopters searching for them and still continue to train, made it pretty easy. A report from the citizens around the camp indicates they were not very comfortable in the Canadian wilderness. They were cold, clumsy and wet. They were loud, messy and amateurish. The police had warned the neighbors as far back as December, and had already had their location pin-pointed.
I look at this incidence differently. Canada is a sovereign Nation looking after the security of its citizens. They will follow leads and investigate any potential harm. They will even “spy” on Canadian Citizens. They cooperate with America in securing the border and help us in the overall fight against terrorism. Mexico however, cooperates by giving its citizens instructions on how to avoid our legal system, gives them ID cards, and lobbies our government on their behalf. Mexico refuses to extradite its citizens whom murder Americans, and they post their army on the border to help their citizens cross.
Mexico will secure their own southern border and track foreigners within their border. It is a felony to be in Mexico without permission, even it you are willing to do work Mexicans will not do. You cannot hold political office, buy property or have much say about your education.
Canada seems to have this security thing down to a science. Let's adopt the “Canadian Laws on Security Enforcement” (CLOSE) making it illegal to be in America “Illegally.” Let's secure our borders and free law enforcement to investigate suspicious behavior.
I have had a lot of criticism of Canada in the past but I really appreciate their example of a Sovereign Nation. Canada Rocks except for the medial plan.

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